Making a business plan is not a simple process

Business planning is very useful in the case of corporate investments.Making a business plan is important in the corporate world but in order to build a successful business plan you need to understand who it is addressed to.The executive summary is nothing more than a summary of the business project that you want to present through the small business plan. This section is very important because here the investor will decide how much attention to read the other sections of the business plan. It is advisable to write this section last, when each section has been carefully completed and analyzed in all its parts.Each entrepreneurial project has its own peculiarities, variables and choices that make it unique and different from the competition.

Business plan, company description

The first true section of the business plan consists of a description of the company. A company that will put the investment plan into practice. First of all, it is necessary to provide information about personal data, legal form, place and year of establishment, operational headquarters and sector in which it operates. Each business is different from the other and each market different from the other, so the information reported in the market analysis will be different each time. Only some recurring information will be listed that should be reported in all cases of market analysis.

Product description or service

In this part of the business plan there is an in depth focus on products and services that are part of the company range. For start-ups, this section should be dedicated exclusively to the core business that is the main product or service. On the other hand it is advisable to give a brief presentation of the company’s products / services and then deepen the new products / services that you intend to include in the range, assessing how they can integrate with other company products and services.For future products / services it is good to give all the information you have to better explain its potential. In these phases it can also be useful to illustrate a BETA Test carried out on a small sample of customers or the opinion of an expert in the sector.

Conclusion: Identify Target Market

Targetingmarket size and market trend can be useful statistics of all kinds of sources, provided they are reliable and report some useful data to estimate the target size. Identifying competitors and study their size, strengths and weaknesses, market share, reputation and prospects. Describe the distribution in the target market. To learn more about this topic you can read more about the market analysis. The marketing strategy or marketing plan is one of the salient aspects of the description of a business project. From this stage it should bring out the value proposition of the company to the consumer.

Does “Write Drunk, Edit Sober” Make Any Sense?

We are about to play a drinking game. Are you ready? You`re going to have a few shots of tequila, write an essay and submit this essay without even reading it the next morning. Sounds like the most dangerous game in the world! In case you`re missing out on your monthly portion of adrenaline, you can try this type of creative thinking.

I`ve heard this proverb before and yes, I did try it myself. I must admit it doesn`t work all the time and when it does, it works in the most unpredictable way possible. But for some reason, there are so many students who are fully experiencing that “write drunk, edit sober” techniques. But does it really work?

You`ve probably heard about the whole list of world-famous authors who would work being completely wasted or at least tipsy. By the way, there are so many lies hidden in those stories. For example, it`s believed that Ernest Hemingway was never writing being completely sober. But this is so far from the truth! Many people who knew him defended the author saying that he might had been a huge fan of boozy drinks but he never used alcohol as a creativity boost, he was always completely sober while working.

But the whole idea is interesting. We all know how alcohol works on us. Or in case someone doesn`t know that yet, please, don`t start. I don`t want to be that one person who pulled you into a sin. When we drink it`s like we take another look at the usual things, we change the angle we see the world. So maybe it`s a good idea after all?

Please, don`t accept this blog as any kind of drinking encouragement. We are just trying to be the “MythBusters” here. There is this myth “write drunk, edit sober” and we have a strong intention to bust it. Or prove it. Let`s see what happens.

People Have Been Wondering About This Before

Of course, this question isn`t new and, lucky you, we`ve got an answer to it for you! So basically, after reading this article you`ll know for sure whether a couple of shots would make your essay or academy paper more worthy. A pretty interesting experiment was conducted by a group of scientists. It was a combined team of neurobiologists and psychologists. They wanted to find out who is more creative and productive: a horribly drunk person, a slightly tipsy one or a completely sober person.

So they invited two groups of people to participate in an experiment. They all were working in a creative sphere so they already had certain talents and skills. Obviously, it would make no sense to expect any creativity from people who work in a completely different sphere. So both groups were working on one project: they had to come up with a promotion plan for a cosmetic brand.

One group was basically having a party with different kinds of alcohol and the other group was working with water and tea (which is so sad but we`re going to get back to the point). Tipsy people are much more chatty even if in any daily situation they tend to be rather introverted. A group which was allowed to drink took a different approach to solving the problem. They decided that brainstorming was the best option. They were discussing all possible solutions.

But the sober people felt the need to think in peace and quiet so they were having a hard time discussing their ideas openly. The members of the drunk group mostly didn`t hesitate to speak out so even the weirdest ideas were taken into consideration. All the ideas were written down.

The next morning the board of experts was evaluating the work of both groups without knowing the conditions of the experiment. And yes, you might have already guessed that they found the “drunk” project to be more interesting, creative and appealing.

Don`t Run to the Liquor Store Yet

The results of this experiment may sound like the proof that the proverb is actually correct. But there are so many factors to consider. Firstly, if you do it often, your body will develop a tolerance to such a creativity boost and with time you`re going to be needing more and more of the booze and we don`t want that. Therefore, you may use this method only on rare occasions when you really need it.

Secondly, the reaction to the alcohol can vary from person to person. Some people feel less energetic and less productive when they`re slightly tipsy. And when they are drunk they can`t even consider themselves to be the functioning members of society.

Thirdly, the dosage is very important. You have to draw the line the moment your thoughts become even slightly blurry. It`s been proven by scientists that high-quality alcohol being consumed in moderation will be beneficial for your health. For example, the French are known for their love towards a couple glasses of wine which they drink while dining. And they are feeling pretty good.

I`m afraid this article may be perceived as some kind of propaganda. But if you look at it we just told you about this interesting and even fascinating scientific experiment and gave you a few tips on your essay writing. Students are known for their rowdy parties anyway. At least now you won`t waste alcohol so thoughtlessly.

Perfect recyclers now present for you

Lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable batteries, such as those used in cell phones, present a great potential for dangers due to short circuits and spontaneous combustion. With the expert you are on the safe side when disposing of your batteries!


Potential danger.  Lithium-ion batteries and batteries are used in a variety of everyday items, such as cell phones, laptops or e-bikes. But where to go with the batteries when they stop working or are no longer needed? Too often, they end up in the usual residual waste instead of being sold in the trade or recycling yard. Damage, overcharging or excessive heating of lithium-ion batteries may cause short-circuiting and resulting in a fire. These fires are difficult to extinguish because of very high combustion temperatures and large amounts of toxic fumes. Are you looking for Kinsbursky Brothers? The options are there.


Proper storage


Do not expose the device or battery to high temperatures (eg sun, heating) and protect from moisture.

Use matching chargers and charge only under supervision.

If the unit has fallen down, check whether the battery heats up (risk of short circuit).

Mask the poles of the batteries / accumulators with an adhesive tape or pack in a plastic bag.


Subsequent to the trade or waste collection center


Best solution. The company is the world’s leading battery recycler with its subsidiary REDUX. At the same time, the Austrian environmental pioneer is the only company to have the necessary permits for the transport of damaged lithium-ion batteries. More than 50% of the ingredients are now converted into raw materials in the treatment plants. Get rid of this source of danger now and bring old lithium-ion batteries and rechargeable batteries right to your collection center.


Your benefits at a glance


Safety through nationwide collection with suitable containers

One point of contact for the entire handling of the disposal from collection to final recycling

Resource security through the recovery of valuable raw materials

A battery in an electric car has a lifespan of several years. After that it will eventually be recycled. But  how does it work?


But even that ends sometime. What happens then with the batteries from the electric car?


They are recycled.


Why is it worthwhile to recycle batteries?

There are two methods that are mainly used for this purpose: the hydrometallurgical and the pyrometallurgical process.


In pyrometallurgical recycling, the battery is burned at extremely high temperatures. In the hydrometallurgical process, the battery is first crushed, then the metals are dissolved with chemicals.


Recharging the batteries is interesting because today’s lithium-ion batteries contain rare and important metals such as cobalt, copper, nickel or aluminum. These remain so high quality at the end of a battery life that you can use them in new batteries. It is therefore worthwhile to recycle the batteries of the electric cars.


Better Details for the Perfect Crypto Options Now

Cryptocurrencies do not just make a smile on computer fans, but more and more rich people enjoy the digital currency. Statistics have shown that more and more rich people are buying cryptocurrencies. It is frightening. However, that only a few people know what technology is behind Bitcoin and Co.

A survey among private banks and investment advisors has shown that around 21% of clients invested cryptocurrencies last year as an investment. Visit and know more about this.

No understanding of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies repeatedly cause misunderstandings. A common man often does not know exactly how he can use the cryptocurrencies. Although there are many guides in this area, the misunderstandings remain. Even with the super-rich, the lack of knowledge is still there especially in terms of the blockchain.

Many investors do not understand what that can mean for your investment profiles

What is the Blockchain concrete?

The Blockchain is the basic technology on which the numerous digital currencies are based. For existing payment transactions, the lists of transactions made are summarized in the block. When this block is full, they will be completed together.

To ensure the high degree of security of the digital currencies, this information is converted into complex character combinations known as hashes. The list of these consecutive character combinations is called blockchain.

Stocks still more popular than cryptocurrencies

Although cryptocurrencies are gaining high popularity, even among celebrities, many of the super-rich still rely on stocks and real estate. The investment form will not change so quickly in the next few years. After all, the stock market has developed very well in recent years. Above all, real estate continues to be the cornerstone of investment. However, they are often overpriced.

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are just a nice pastime. Whether celebrities and super-rich can get involved in the cryptocurrencies, is currently unknown. To use the cryptocurrency efficiently as an attachment, it is of course important to understand the process of the cryptocurrency. The foundation for every investment.

To avoid depreciation, the quantity of coins in circulation is limited. The decentralized execution of transactions through the blockchain ensures that supervision by the state is practically impossible.

Ultimately, this benefits any investor who cares about his or her privacy in a world of data theft, worms and viruses. In addition to its use as a means of payment, cryptocurrency is also enjoying increasing popularity as an investment.

Why is crypto money so popular?

Unlike traditional currencies such as the euro or the dollar, the risk of inflation in a cryptocurrency is much lower. This relative safety is due to several factors. Firstly, international distribution means that crypto money is not restricted to individual countries.

Additionally, the limited number of coins also plays an important role. Similar to gold, which is subject to finite supply, cryptocurrencies are issued in fixed quantities. Their popularity is due to fast transaction times and high profit potentials.

Customer Relationship Management: Goals, Benefits & Opportunities

Every founder knows that customer acquisition is one of the most important building blocks for success. However, it is also a building block that costs a lot of time and effort. This makes it all the more important to keep existing customers and get them to buy again because that is faster and cheaper than advertising new customers. Professional customer relationship management and associated CRM software can help keep track of customer relationships. Overall, CRM software reduces the complexity of customer relationship management and makes huge amounts of information manageable. Companies achieve greater customer satisfaction and customer loyalty with this customer care software.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management, mostly CRM for short means the professional and structured handling of former, existing and potential customers. Many young and small businesses operate Customer Relationship Management intuitively. For example, with the collection of business cards, an address book, handwritten notes, in an Excel spreadsheet or simply by the information in the head that accumulates on customers over time.Customer Relationship Management is the professionalization of this process that is a strategy to improve relationships with customers but also business partners and other contacts. But CRM is not just something for big companies. It is also worthwhile for start-ups and start-ups to operate this kind of contact management professionally right from the start.

Who is Customer Relationship Management suitable?

The topic of CRM is relevant for companies of all sizes from day one on. After all, those who are strategically organized from an early age will save time later to sort and store all the collected business cards and handwritten notes. Classically, customer relationship management is used in sales and / or marketing. Handling customers is the prior aim for any business and turn them into main leads is the next job to grow the company sales. Today you are now the part of internet age where it is mandatory to keep the customer data online even if the business is SME’s or business giant. The bigger the business the better the customer response, this should be the ultimate motto. To maintain the status in the business market you should always give the customer a 100% positive feedback and assistance. And for that you need quality CRM software that can make your customers feel proud to be a part of your product.

Conclusion: Possible goals of Customer Relationship Management

The overall goal of Customer Relationship Management is to take stock of all former, existing and potential customers or business partners. On the basis of the analysis of these data, measures are then defined that are intended to ensure that customers are won, satisfied, tied up or regained. The data thus serve to better organize and improve the knowledge base about the customer for the own employees and in the second step of the relationship maintenance to the customer.


Greater Options For the Proper Internet Marketing

Want to improve your business performance? This will help you set up Internet marketing. And what exactly needs to be done to earn the trust of your potential customers? Read our internet marketing tips right now!

Internet marketing improvement

Study your audience

Of course, you know that you should make a portrait of your target body, and you must have already done so. The fact is that having made only one portrait, you will cover only one group of people, and there may be completely different people among your clients. For the best internet marketing in singapore this is important matter.

And you should not ignore them. Therefore, work on studying your audience all the time, find out its needs, communicate with sales managers, because who else knows your customers better.

Conduct polls on social networks, find out what is interesting to your audience and what it needs, find out the basic objections of customers and what prevents them from making a decision on cooperation with your company.

Studying the audience will allow you to organize more efficient work in all departments of the company, rather than poking a finger at the sky, hoping that you are hitting the target.

  • Make regular blog posts.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy.
  • To set up internet marketing, you need to deal with all your tools that you use to interact with your audience.

Among them are a blog and social networks. Combine these two tools that will work for a common result. Each new article in the blog must be announced to the blog, thus you will receive incoming links from reputable sites (in this case social networking sites), and show the search engine that you have a new article on your blog. For the good at interent marketing this is important.

  • As well as your customers will learn the news from social networks, therefore, announcing a new issue on Facebook, you immediately attract traffic to the site.
  • Encourage your customers to visit your blog, and for this, make regular releases of posts.

Gather an audience in social networks. Presence in social networks will help improve the effectiveness of Internet marketing. The fact is that people come to the social network to communicate and receive some interesting and entertaining content.

  • So create groups and gather your audience here. Social networks are great platforms for getting feedback from the audience. If something is not clear to the client, he can always contact the representative of the company and clarify his question.
  • Sharing virus posts in social networks allows you to attract more and more potential customers. But this will require holding contests, asking customers questions, provoking customers to give feedback and, of course, responding to customer comments in a timely manner.

Try your hand at the 10-day business game “Your Start”, in which you will start earning on your business using your talents and strengths!

When you on the switch your energy should raise high but how?

You may think a lot about this. But after a long hard work your body and mind would search for some relaxation. In that situation you are searching for some aid as like the aircon. When you just on the switch a fresh and cool air would sure make you to feel comfortable and flexible. If in case when the aircon does not work well then all your tension level would increase up into high. To avoid or to escape from that there is a need for you to make use of the best in aircon chemical wash.

What all the benefits that you would get after chemical wash?

As like other things you cannot able to clean the aircon with clothes for cleaning them there is a need for some chemicals.

  • It is used for boosting up the high quality of indoor air quality.
  • Through doing proper servicing and cleaning you can able to avoid doing some costly replacements.
  • It helps for improving the health of entire family members.
  • You can able to feel cool and comfortable inside your home always.
  • You can able to save your electricity and other maintenance charges.
  • You can able to protect yourself from the different environment.
  • You can able to prevent aircon from permanent damages.

How can you find out the best repair service team who are good at aircon repair? If you have this doubt then for that there is a need for you to first know all the aircon service teams that is available for you. For searching you can make use of online when you make search there you can able to find out a lot of dealers name that had been listed. You can go through them carefully and locate the dealers who are available near your home through doing that they can able to come and do required service on time without any delay. Through comparing you can able to easily find out the best dealers who offers you the high quality of service at low cost.

When there is a need for you to do repair and replacements?

All the electrical instruments would get repaired at particular time due to some coil or leakage found in it. When you do repair immediately then there won’t be any need is required for you to do the replacements. It is because replacement would cost high.

But also when there is a need the replacement is also required. Through doing the replacement you can able to enjoy the substantial cost savings, tax incentives, warranty, green benefits, it would give you the most comfortable and high quality of air.

Perfection in the Proper Crypto Trading Now

“Cryptocurrency” is a term that may seem frightening; it is neither more nor less than an electronic currency used in peer-to-peer on the Internet. Moreover, as the name suggests it is also encrypted.

It is injected into the virtual world through Blockchain technology and a powerful mathematical calculation system “mining” supported by a network of computers connected 24 hours a day. The Blockchain allows a single, anonymous and secure stream. Mining, which is based on a remuneration principle of the P2P network, provides an additional guarantee as to the authenticity of the transaction chain by adding a new block.

There are as many Blockchain protocols as crypto-currencies. We can all create cybermonnaie or “miner”.To date, there are more than 800 crypto-currencies. The most famous being: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Reality versus Virtuality

  • Cryptocurrency works, in part, like any conventional currency: it is an asset that feeds a wallet, which serves as a means of payment or exchange on the internet, and can be converted into another currency (cyber or not). Only downside: there is no currency restoration system in case of an electronic crash.
  • This asset can also be side on stock exchanges dedicated to cybermonnaies.
  • Moreover, unlike a palpable currency, its price is not indexed to the value of gold or the amount of fiduciary coins. Nevertheless, trading is still a common practice, as e-money is a very volatile currency. No risk of inflation, it gains value with speculation.
  • The legal status of a cryptocurrency differs from country to country, some allow trade and make it taxable as soon as it leaves its virtual environment. In other countries, cryptocurrency has a slightly vaguer or even illegal status.
  • However, it is neither governed by politico-banking rules nor by a central bank and can not be recorded in the balance sheets.

To a Currency 3.0?

With the dematerialisation of uses, customer experiences becoming more and more digital, the various transformation projects, and more. Can we imagine a 3.0 economy in which cryptocurrency would have its place? Can it fit into our financial institutions?

Its use is increasing rapidly, more and more networks/businesses are opening up to crypto-currencies, more and more people are interested in crypto-currencies and investing in cyber-actions, some would even use it as funding fund to build their start-ups. However, despite this craze and the principle of transparency on which a cyber-currency is based, many equate it to Dark Net and other fraudulent facts. Read more about it in

Cryptocurrency also has a limit of expansion

its value cannot exceed a certain threshold. Once reached, a new currency will take over.

What about energy consumption to supply the entire network necessary for the propagation of cyber currency.A possible future in our daily life?It is, for the moment, trying to position and bet on the future of cryptocurrency. However, financial institutions would be more interested in Blockchain technology for future uses.

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